Making Up For Lost Time

Thanksgiving has always had a special meaning for me because it’s a time for family to come together. We tend to be “too busy” in our day to day lives to make time for those we care about the most. As I reflect of the past nine years since I lost my father, I think about how I find more time in my day-to-day to spend time with my son. I want to know that we spent as much time as we could with each other. I want to spend time talking, laughing, teaching and learning.

We should all challenge ourselves to take time out of our busy day to reach out to someone we love. Call them, send them a text, poke them on Facebook (does anyone still do that?) and let them know you’re thinking about them. You might just brighten an otherwise bad day.

As we Americans sit down on Thursday with our families and friends to reflect on what we are thankful for and share a meal, we should also think of those who are less fortunate than us. Not only in material possessions, but in the intangibles that we take for granted.

We need to remember that everyone does not have the freedoms we share in this country. This very blog could not exist without the Founding Father’s vision to include the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Our freedoms of speech and expression allow us to share ideas without the fear of being persecuted and/or arrested. We must remember this when listening to the opinions of others. The progressive idea of free speech was one born from tolerance of others and their ideas. Let us participate in a healthy dialogue to discuss ideas and find solutions to the world’s problems.

And last, but definitely not least, let’s remember those who sacrifice themselves to defend this beautiful nation: our men and women in uniform and their families. We owe a very big debt of gratitude to all those who have served a greater purpose by joining the military, law enforcement and fire departments for making sure that we are able to safely live our lives. I hope that all those not able to sit down to a warm Thanksgiving meal with their family know that we are thinking of them and appreciate their service.

JuanPablo P.


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