Thanksgiving, Apathy, and How I Learned to Love the Holidays

Thanksgiving has not meant much to me throughout my life—that sounds like something odd to say (and I am undoubtedly an odd person) but it is 100% accurate. In fact most holidays did not mean much to me growing up. You see I come from a very small family (most are located outside the U.S) and, for the most part, it was always just my mother and I during the holidays. For some reason Thanksgiving for us never truly felt like a celebration.
However, all the above changed when I met my wife; my wife had the opposite upbringing that I had and cherishes the holidays. She was brought up to see these special occasions as times to celebrate family and reminisce about the good times—as per a “normal” childhood, I am told. With her influence I have come to see the seemingly arbitrary experience that people call “the holidays” as something near and dear to my heart. The above is especially true now that our son was brought into this world earlier this year.
With the assistance of my wife I am trying to bring my mother around so she can see what we have been missing all our lives. She has been slow to come around but I truly feel that she is beginning to understand the importance of these annual celebrations. One day I may get around to asking her why we were so different from all the other families (in the world, apparently) but, for now, I will just be happy knowing she is here to celebrate with me.
I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and, whichever way you celebrate it, I hope you are with your loved ones. If you’re not, remember that they have you in their hearts and that you are lucky to have them there for you. If you ever feel down just remember it could always be worse; you could be sitting at an awkwardly quiet table alone with your mom while eating a dinner you bought from Boston Market.

-Pierre M.


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