As an independent site we are only beholden to our values. We recognize that we are not the Chicago Sun-Times or the Washington Post (we can dream though) but we feel we must make our voice heard during this crucial election and endorse a candidate that is aligned with our beliefs. 

What do we believe? We believe in educational equity. We believe in access to affordable, quality healthcare. We believe that top earners should pay their fair share in taxes. We believe in a more aggressive progressive tax system. We believe in raising the minimum wage. We believe in affordable post-secondary education. We believe the government has a responsibility to regulate certain rights to protect its citizens (e.g. free speech and gun ownership). We believe in respecting everyone’s religion, no matter how much it differs from your own. We believe in women’s rights. We believe in criminal justice reform. We believe in workers’ right to organize. We believe in diplomacy. We believe in the Geneva Convention. We believe in comprehensive immigration reform. We believe in the separation of church and state. We believe in investing in our infrastructure. We believe that a new American century is possible.

It is because of these beliefs that we endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America. Not because she is the perfect candidate, but because we believe she is the best candidate on the ballot. Rather than listing her accomplishments, we will list what she has not done: She has not insulted an entire religion; she has not insulted war heroes; she has not called the people who come from Mexico rapists and murderers; she has not bragged about committing sexual assault. 

On top of knowing who she isn’t, we also know who she is and that is a person who has fought her whole life for social change. She will fight for equal pay for equal work. She will fight for paid maternity leave. She will fight discriminatory practices, whether in the private or public sector. She will fight for an overhaul of our immigration system. She will fight for a public option. She will fight for equity. She will fight for us.
Now it is your turn to show your beliefs: On November 8, make a choice that will keep the fabric of this country together, vote for Hillary!

– Pierre M. & JuanPablo P. 


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